Tapas & Bars

Mag’s Tapas Bar

Minimum of 75 guests
Prices valid for 4 or more choices
Enhancing any lunch or dinner menu!

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Mini Morning Sunshine Bar
$4 / person (also served for lunch or dinner)

French toast sticks in mini glasses & mini waffles on short plate.
Topping bar includes fresh berries, bananas, maple syrup, infused syrup local honey, powdered sugar & do-it-yourself whipped cream!

Biscuit Bar

Sweet & Savory, includes fresh baked biscuits with shaved honey ham, smoked turkey, cheddar cheese biscuits, sausage gravy, & the sweets including assorted jams and marmalade.

Tapas Heuvos Rancheros

Mini omelet style eggs with salsa topping bar:
classic, Miami, salsa verde, smoked chipotle-mango, white corn & black bean
moked chorizo & served with fresh Mags chips

Spud Bar

Home fried potato chips, Mags smashed reds, smashed sweets with topping & trims including: Carolina & southern bbq, Budweiser bleu cheese, bacon, broccoli, scallions, cheddar, mozzarella, olive tapenade, brown sugar, cinnamon, marshmallows toasted pecans (separated for allergies if needed)

Salads & Crostini Bar

Mini Salads: spinach salad, asparagus & prosciutto salad, brandywine salad with pears & sunflower seeds, classic caesar salad, dottie salad Crostini: pear & brie, sun-dried tomato, classic vine ripe tomato & basil, cranberry & goat

Salsa Bar with Chips

Classic salsa, Miami Salsa, salsa verde, smoked chipotle salsa, white corn & black bean salsa

S’mores Bar

Includes all of your favorite Hersheys & Hersheys friends candy bar, assorted graham crackers and assorted marshmallows

Giant Chocolate Fountain (5 gallon)

Includes assorted seasonal fruits, marshmallows, Rice Krispy Treats with Fruity Pebbles, cookies, brownie bites, pound cake, pretzels & the kitchen sink 🙂

Mini Dessert Bars:
Choice of 3:
$5/person / Choice of 4: $6/person

Cake pops, mini cupcakes, brownie bites, parfaits, tiramisu, angel food with berries, mini cheesecakes, mini créme brûlée, mini bread puddings, cooke bar bites and french macarons (add $1.00) .

For even more options, just ask!


Street Food Tapas Bars

Southern Q Slider Bar

Includes: pulled chicken, pork & beef sliders with Carolina, Memphis and ‘Bama BBQ sauces, pickle bar and slaw bar with classic slaw, broccoli slaw and fruit slaw 

Cheeseburgers in Paradise Bar

Includes: Fresh Beef Slider burgers, cheese bar, condiments bar and topping bar

Latin American Bar

Includes a diverse ensemble of Mexican mini tacos including beef and chicken, Brazilian steak bites & charcuterie, Cuban mini sandwiches

Cheese Louise Bar

Mini grilled cheese sandwiches, mini caprese grilled cheese sandwiches and Mini brandywine with Brie & Pear sandwiches. Includes mini tomato soup & complimented with Fritos

*Due to Market Fluctuations, All Prices Subject to Change*

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