Plated Meals



Bama Bleu Filet: $30
10 oz king of filet, crusted with bleu cheese

Filet Medallions: $24
pan seared & slow roasted tenderloin accompanied with choice of sauce

Prime Rib 12 oz (our #1 requested): $21
slow roasted & seasoned to perfection

Crazy Horse Sizzler: $16
8oz ball tip sirloin, seasoned & char-grilled

Top Butt Sirloin: $17
prime cut sirloin, pepper crusted & char-grilled

Lumber Jack: $17
flat iron steak topped with beef deni-glaze & crispy fried onions

London Broil: $18
tender medallions with drunken bourbon sauce

The New Yorker: $24
12 oz beefeater cut, topped with crab & scallions

KC Strip: $21
12 oz Kansas City strip topped with sautéed onions, peppers & mushrooms, finished with Swiss cheese


Key West Chicken: $15
soaked in mesquite, lime & pineapple juice, char-grilled & topped with toasted coconut & pineapple

Greek Lemon Chicken: $16
dipped & dusted in seasoned flour, sautéed in evo olive oil

Jamaican Jerk: $16
a bountiful bunch of herbs & spices from the Caribbean & slow roasted

Tequila Lime Chicken: $16
marinated just enough for the right kick of flavors, char-grilled

Turkey Filet Mignon: $16
a delicate 6 oz turkey filet, wrapped in bacon and char-grilled

Chicken Marsala: $17
sautéed in a marsala wine reduction & topped with mushrooms

Chicken Bianco: $21
a double lobed chicken breast stuffed with prosciutto, broccoli & Swiss

Chicken Mercedes: $19
boneless chicken breast topped with cream cheese, crab and scallions

Chicken Murphy: $17
baked chicken with artichokes, spinach & lemon cream cheese

Chicken Caroline: $!7
marinated in ginger & honey, stuffed with apricot & almonds


Garlic Pork Chop: $16
garlic basted, center cut & grilled

Iowa Pork Chop: $18
a 10 oz french cut chop, grilled with seasonal fruit salsa

Pork Tenderloin Medallions: $17
slow roasted filet, drizzled with piccata sauce